Hello friends,

It’s been a while – don’t worry, I’m still around.

As I wrote in my post entitled ‘Departure‘, my focus has turned towards my main website, for updates and information as a centralised hub, rather than disrupted updates. Of course, that doesn’t mean the true end for Bello Sonus Animo, in fact, BSA in itself is an on-going project, that will be branched out as part of the LiFE project I had submitted last year as a proposal for study.

What’s LiFE you may ask? Life in Further Experience, continuing on from the journey I undertook, in my first year of study as an undergraduate and in fact, prior as a sixth form student and a college alumnus. My interests have always trembled into the realm of emotive drive, such as for my sixth form project, I focused on depression, next was a focus on relationships, which I decided to take a deeper dive into, as part of self-identity exploration and formation, for my three years of undergraduate, resulting in a mixture of performances, films, music and poems.

What should be expected of LiFE? As a result of project development, I hope to produce a number of publications, stage a number of performances, compose a number of compositions with a mixture of songs, continue to write poetry, further develop an understanding of psychology and philosophy’s role within the development, exploring this through writings of course. There is much to be expected in such little time.

I will write more, when the time comes.

In the meanwhile, take care.




I haven’t truly written for a year now – not because this project met a hiatus in its development but rather that my focus has turned to that of a central blogging platform. I write and publish stories on my work, life and experiences via Terminus Infinite, which will soon act as both my central blog and as my portfolio.

I need not add more. If you’d like to keep up with my development, flick an eye on over to Terminus Infinite for more updates, writings and general nonsense that I’ll be writing on a near-daily basis.



Project IF: Update 2

Terminus Infinite


The project is now complete – all files are now uploaded to the Dropbox.

Those who were involved, I will e-mail you and invite you to read this post.

I had no problems with your submissions and these will be featured in the exhibition.

What next?

A new project will commence next year.




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The IF Project: Dreams

Terminus Infinite


The IF project, now features the completed compositions of those who submitted under the category of ‘I Dream That’, featuring such notions as Death, Demon, Dimension, Freedom, Gender, Heart, Human, Nearer and Heart. These names are all given respectively of what you submitted – but for those of you requiring enlightenment, below I have released the sentences (with no names to protect those who submitted):

  • I dream that one day I’ll live in a world where gender is not restricted to two genders, and that those who identify within the grey are considered legitimate. (Gender)
  • I dream that one day I will be able to live like everyone else. That I will be free of my demons and know what it means to be truly alive. (Demon)
  • I dream that as I grow older I let my heart grow larger and my compassion stronger (Heart)
  • I dream that we…

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Performances? What are these?!

Why the lack of?

As a student in academia, I’ve found time and time again, I’ve not had chance to perform much – either my finances have cut short of my expectations or at times, I’ve just not been in the best of positions to perform; I’ve rarely had to revise and read a single poem. I’ve always left my performances to chance, which in some cases, has proved useful but at other points, not always the best of options. Take for example, volunteering with TOC last year or so, I always just read and sometimes, exagerrated; my nerves weren’t too brilliant then, but I feel they’re better now.

“What can I do? What can I say?” (Military Fashion Show, And One)

As written in my previous post about performing at Rebellion, I think it’s high-time I started learning how to perform; this would not only better my work, but better myself as a performer and a person in fact. I could start off on my early works; they’re short, sweet and to the point, but every so often, I think a challenge should be picked up. I learned through working with the local university’s drama group, that I could recite lines if I read them over enough times and the same could be said, if I was to recite my poetry and eventually, embody the right mind to perform it to its best.

What’s going to happen?

I’m going to push myself forward, I’m going to record myself and I am going to keep pushing myself, until every last scrap of energy hurls into each performance, with the right amount of effort. I will remain consistent that my approach, as a performer, will be experimental in how I perform – I would like to know my works, but keep each performance for the listening viewer fresh in their minds. I don’t want to become that one song that goes dull after ten plays.

[…] Write as …

[…] Write as you would speak […]

My English tutor once said to me, “Write as you speak” and I’ve been mumbling it over the past few minutes in my head; in my prior-to-writing-this-post artistic practice, it would be safe to say, I have followed that my own perception, that how I speak is how I write. This at times, has proved difficult; it means my words lose articulation due to improper grammar that forces the meaning aside and academically, this has caused me some difficulty in getting my thoughts across. I personally think I would benefit from following my tutor’s advice; it would most certainly help me in articulating my emotions again; I feel lost at sea, the waters sweeping me under and the roaring thunder in my heart amongst the open plains, far from helping me to recover from the pains.

Poem: Tomorrow’s Just Another Day [20/09/13]

Love me, hate me, I don’t care,

but don’t think about me, I swear,

you’ll get headaches if and when you think,

because you’re always at the drink that helps,

you wash away your empty days and sorrows,

who cares about tomorrows, compared to you,

well, you’re nothing and tomorrow’s a beautiful day.

Resuming of Embodiment

The artist has recently been in conversation with his previous embodiers, Iosue, Felicia and Vocal, whom have come to an agreement with the artist. It is within the best of interests, that the process resumes and that disputes between the entities are to be settled themselves, poetically and sensibly. 

To keep track of these embodiments and the artist, please go forward to http://unprofessional-practice.tumblr.com, the main arch where the artist keeps his working practice up to date for your eyes.

Project: CORDS – Submissions

Project: CORDS – Submissions

If you’d like to submit a poem, a short story, an extract or any other form of literature, please use his form, follow the instructions and I will prepare my vocals to seize at your throbbing… for the delight of hearing, when ready to burst.

Closure on Iosue Animo and Embodiment

Friends, readers and anonymous visitors,

I bear you grave news, that I have decided to discontinue my embodiment procedures and relinquish myself of any relation to the previous entities that I have allowed to form my personality as a human being; I do not wish to dwell on the darkness any longer, for it has shrowded my vision for many years and I wish only for clarify in knowing who I am and not to know past that wall again.

The things I know, that I didn’t know then, are these: I am critical, that when I write, I do not wish to perform my words; you are my performers and you know how I feel, so it is no use for me to try. I want to enjoy my words, but those I have wrote and shown you, only detail a man’s suffering, woe and self-pity that he has; when that was the man I once was. I am no longer such man and bear none of the dust from his time on my boots, not a speck, not a single bit of dust left.

I know this may cause stir and confusion, but I want to experiment freely; I do not wish to have to bind myself so much; I will be who I am, without the namesake of a category or type; I will be, I will be a ripe fruit again, not the sour grapes of a man that couldn’t be picked up without crying, fighting or shame.

I bear this burden no more.

I return to my life.