[...] Write as …

[...] Write as you would speak [...]

My English tutor once said to me, “Write as you speak” and I’ve been mumbling it over the past few minutes in my head; in my prior-to-writing-this-post artistic practice, it would be safe to say, I have followed that my own perception, that how I speak is how I write. This at times, has proved difficult; it means my words lose articulation due to improper grammar that forces the meaning aside and academically, this has caused me some difficulty in getting my thoughts across. I personally think I would benefit from following my tutor’s advice; it would most certainly help me in articulating my emotions again; I feel lost at sea, the waters sweeping me under and the roaring thunder in my heart amongst the open plains, far from helping me to recover from the pains.

Poem: Tomorrow’s Just Another Day [20/09/13]

Love me, hate me, I don’t care,

but don’t think about me, I swear,

you’ll get headaches if and when you think,

because you’re always at the drink that helps,

you wash away your empty days and sorrows,

who cares about tomorrows, compared to you,

well, you’re nothing and tomorrow’s a beautiful day.

Resuming of Embodiment

The artist has recently been in conversation with his previous embodiers, Iosue, Felicia and Vocal, whom have come to an agreement with the artist. It is within the best of interests, that the process resumes and that disputes between the entities are to be settled themselves, poetically and sensibly. 

To keep track of these embodiments and the artist, please go forward to http://unprofessional-practice.tumblr.com, the main arch where the artist keeps his working practice up to date for your eyes.

Project: CORDS – Submissions

Project: CORDS – Submissions

If you’d like to submit a poem, a short story, an extract or any other form of literature, please use his form, follow the instructions and I will prepare my vocals to seize at your throbbing… for the delight of hearing, when ready to burst.

Closure on Iosue Animo and Embodiment

Friends, readers and anonymous visitors,

I bear you grave news, that I have decided to discontinue my embodiment procedures and relinquish myself of any relation to the previous entities that I have allowed to form my personality as a human being; I do not wish to dwell on the darkness any longer, for it has shrowded my vision for many years and I wish only for clarify in knowing who I am and not to know past that wall again.

The things I know, that I didn’t know then, are these: I am critical, that when I write, I do not wish to perform my words; you are my performers and you know how I feel, so it is no use for me to try. I want to enjoy my words, but those I have wrote and shown you, only detail a man’s suffering, woe and self-pity that he has; when that was the man I once was. I am no longer such man and bear none of the dust from his time on my boots, not a speck, not a single bit of dust left.

I know this may cause stir and confusion, but I want to experiment freely; I do not wish to have to bind myself so much; I will be who I am, without the namesake of a category or type; I will be, I will be a ripe fruit again, not the sour grapes of a man that couldn’t be picked up without crying, fighting or shame.

I bear this burden no more.

I return to my life.

Developments in Embodiment

Now, to look at oneself in the mirror, is to realise how weak my embodiment portrays itself as character; when I created Iosue, they had an image, neutral in gender, slightly gothic and portrayed exactly the right character for the poetry, however, this character never made it to light in any performances, so I’m in hopeful spirits that I may be able to work around this and allow Iosue to become a full embodiment on stage than just trapped away in the corners of my mind.

Love isn’t lonely anymore… no longer are you my dear…

Developments in Metamorphosis

Later on the developments of this project, over the past few days, the artist has been returning to each of his old works in order to conclude which pieces can be used in the series; some, when put through the standard process did not reflect a good quality standard; too much blurring or not enough stigma / imagery within the newly composed work itself. It has been considered, that possibly taking the work further than just an image may be appropriate to break the ‘conventions’ of the past year as an artist / art student.


Metamorphosis (work-in-progress)

A new work, taken on by Iosue Williams, is the symbolised transformation of work, a process that breaks the original conventions of an image and changes its context by a simple process and technique applied by the artist, which the artist hopes to later develop using lighting and canvas prints, when time has been found to produce the works in their full body and form.

For the purposes of the public, here are a few previews of the work done so far, nothing finalised yet but I’m happy with the progress, as it builds on both any unprogressed pieces and those of which could be further developed.

Take care my readers!

– I. Williams

Routine Embodiment #2

Now under-going the embodiment of Vocal Strain, it is a very complicated task; when we first appeared at OpenMind, it wasn’t easy to embody ourselves as one whole person for the sake of a performance; the body remains a limitation, one of which has since the first initial embodiment degraded in its form and shape; external variables came into place that year. Following on, as a human being, like yourselves, we understand from his perspective, that money is the route of all evils, especially in our current economic climate with the recession and greed amongst the unnamed.  Speaking from a personal point of view, I  found it hard when money became tight, because my situation at the time wasn’t of the best suited; one’s eating habits became terrible, unhealthy and outright disgusting, alongside extended sleeping patterns; my stamina, something that comes across as ‘hyperactivity’ left me.

But returning back to the original point, why I’ve decided to mention this subject of money and well-being, is due to the two are interlinked to my own mental health and ability to work; in my situation, what could have been done, is careful budgetting, planned meals (snacks too!) and understanding of what equipment I would need to make him more true to his nature, than simply a namesake that one was failing to live up to.

My research has led me to believe I need to take an interest in different equipment, pedals, audio equipment rather than my simple set of audio background, that I feel I need to compose; as a practitioner working on my own, I’m often finding it more and more difficult to achieve the effect I want; I’m constantly losing myself into that world of thought, imagination and dreams. At least, in a positive respect, I’m able to dream until I slumber again.

- Iosue Williams


Routine Embodiment

Now, as part of my embodiment process, Iosue Williams has a very other close entities, one of which I feel needs reviving, is one of my favourites and most underrated, Vocal Strain; he was dismissed last year but has been rehabilitated for public use, so without further ado, we will be at the home studio this summer, working together to try and make the best of your ears.

We’ve come back; we feel able now; we’ve grown up and to say the least, we ain’t got any more mature about the distinction to which we will play this game with your senses of the spoken kind, to which I fair to say, we may be somewhat unkind, now if you don’t mind… we’ve got work to do, practice makes perfect, or so they say, let imperfections be the way!

Back to pounce in August, more details in the near future!